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Hey, OMG the party was totally fun, i got lots of YUMMY FOOD!!!!! My arm doesnt hurt anymore, not that it ever did...anyway i went school supply shopping, it was ok! I still need to buy a new shirt for picture day. I think i will go to hollister, i don't know want i want yet but i need something that doesnt have words on it. Well anyway my mom is selling her van FINALLY which mean i dont have to drive it, now i get to DRIVE the pt...even tho i want a different car, but the pt rocks! Well tennis tryouts are coming soon, i can't wait. I have to go to my animal training class for my humane society community is going to be so fun, i get to play and work with the cats and dogs! I LOVE ANIMALS! Well ttfn

<3 Luv Ya Lots, post comment

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