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Im so SAD!

OMG, Lisa Paul left you all alone, im going to miss him. No more 2 o'clock in the morning taco bell trips! Oh well, Im also really tired because tennis tryouts are for like 4 days and so far two days has passed. Im really tired and also nervious. I dont really want to make varsity so im going for junior varsity. There are 24 ppl trying out and only 16 people are going to make it (from what i heard). I hoping that i make it tho, because tennis is like the only sport that i like and im good at. OMG I CAN START DRIVERS ED ON THE FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL! So im like totally HAPPY!!!! I've been driving with my parents a couple times this month so it is pretty cool. My parents are selling my moms car so that means that i get the pt. Well im like bored, so leave some luv and also a comment! P.S. Im going to go to homecoming...Lisa we need to go shopping together and find an awesome dress!

Luv ya Lots <3

~Kisses~ Amy

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