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OMG I made the Junior Varsity Tennis Team!!! Awesome...hahaha i made it! Everyone made it except the JV reserves...There are rankings up to 21 and im ranking number 6. Its better that Emily and Taylor, surprising. Oh well, I have practice tomorrow at 9:30 and a meet on Monday, except he can only take 8 JV so i will probably go...haha to the person who said i stink and tennis. Because I acually ROCK. I won 5 out of the 7 games i played today! Tryouts were 4 DAYS, and the last one was 3 hours instead of 2. I am totally pooped. Well I will be going camping later today, so the next time i will update will be on sunday or monday. I went to northern and forgot how to do a com so it took me a while to finally get my locker open. hahahahehehehe, u have no idea how HAPPY i am. I don't care what anybody says.
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