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Hey, OMG the graduation party was SO FUN! Lisa, Morgan, Alli, we rock! Man Morgan i can't believe u are scared of the cat "little evil", and ur phone looks like an alligator haha. Alli we are all alone cause we don't have bros. Those boys that were making dog noises are wierd. R u wearing a thong?...i cant believe that ur grandma asked that!!!!! Anyway Jil, Sam, Amanda, ur awesome. Hey Sam that crossword puzzle was pretty SWEET, we're so smart, lol. I was playing tennis today, it was ok. I went to a picnic with bunches of ppl, it was totally cool...i need to work on my spanish, HAHAHEHE. We are so smart at finding bathrooms instead of port-a-potties, Lisa we rock. Im going to a party 2marrow, OMG i need to pick out a picture day outfit. Lisa i can't believe that Morgan and Alli went to cedar point w/o us, o well they don't know what they are missing. Why is picture day BEFORE school starts, it makes no sence! Well me got to go buy a NEW outfit! Man i cant wait until school starts, i want to the guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa bff!

ttfn, <3 Luv ya Lots ~ post comment!

 which i need to buy more

i luv...why should i tell u?????

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